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Our Coaches

Abby has 1 year of experience coaching gymnastics in Nova Scotia. Her Favorite thing about being a coach is that every day she gets to come to work to keep her athlettes happy and healthy.

Colleen has work here for 4 years now and loves working with the competitive gymnastics athletes.

Jade has worked here for six months. She loves getting to see athletes faces when they finallyachieve a new skill that she has been helping them work on.

Sadie has worked at our club for 6 months now and she has been a self taught gymnast since she was in grade 3. Sadie loves being the reason an athlete feels proud of themselves or the reason for a smile on their face.

Sydney has worked at our club for 3 years and she was a gymnastics for 3 years. Her favorite part of coaching is seeing the athletes improve and achieve their goals. 

Maddie has been a certified coach for one year. She was a gymnast for 3 years and she loves coaching the bars. Maddie's athletes have helped her become a stronger person and their faces make her so happy. Coaching has taught her so much about respect and dignity. 

Sophie has worked at our club for 1 year. Sophie loves teaching new skills to students.

Brookelyn has been doing gymnastics since she was 7 years old. Her first year was spent driving back and forth to gymnastics in High Prairie. She has been in SLG since it opened in 2019. She is on the competitive gymnastics team and the All- Star cheer team. Her favorite thing about coaching is teaching the athletes new skills and seeing them progress. 

Chloe has been in cheer and gymnastics for 5 years, though she learned a number of skills earlier from her babysitter. She like to be a Jr. coach because she enjoys helping athletes learn new skills. 

Haylee has been in gymnastics for 4 years. Her favorite thing about coaching is helping the athletes improve on the skills they are working on. 

Our Donors

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